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Q-PRO 4 is a fourth generation language and database for IBM PC-DOS, Generic MS-DOS, Novell Netware, and all LANs and networks that are IBM Netbios compatible. Written in assembler, the Q-PRO 4 interpreter is amazingly fast. Application development is typically 5 to 10 times faster than other databases because of Q-PRO 4's advances features. Some of them are: - Advanced fourth generation event driven architecture. - "Painted" screens. - Fill in the blanks data entry screens. - Extremely fast B+ tree multikey indexed file handling. - Inherently structured high level complete language syntax with: procedures, table lookup, memory and file arrays, subroutines, assembly language interface, and data dictionary. - Full record and file locking on supported LAN's and networks. - No practical limits on File Size, number of files open simultaneously, record size, or memory variables.