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Windows 9x/ME / Multimedia


Foundations of Visual C++ Programming 1.00

Foundations of Visual C++ Programming for Windows 95 (The Paul Yao Series for the Working Progammer) Paperback – January 1, 1995 by Paul Yao (Author) This was a warez rip taken from the CD many years ago. An online viewable version of the printed book is here: Blurb: "This powerful reference and tutorial by programming experts Paul Yao and Joseph Yao gives you all the tools you need to master the Microsoft Foundation Library and build better Visual C++ programs. With its focus on the critical connections between the native Windows Win32 API and key classes provided by MFC, Foundations of Visual C++ Programming for Windows 95 gets you up to speed writing your own Windows-based application software. Plus, the bonus CD-ROM features a complete hypertext version of the book, so you can quickly find coverage of any topic, as well as valuable source code you can study and adapt for your own programming projects. System requirements for the accompanying computer disc: 80386 to 80486 Windows 95 or Windows NT and CD- ROM drive." The files are in their original ARJ warez package. ARJ can be properly handled by WinRAR. The file, is in MVB - Microsoft Multimedia Viewer format (player is included in the installer). On later versions of Windows, I have read but not tested - Real Player and VLC Media Player will open the MVB file. - AppleSeed 2024