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Descent 2 - The Vertigo Series 1.2

BIN/CUE image of Descent II: The Infinite Abyss/Vertigo Series CD-ROM. This expansion CD is quite rare, so I have provided it here for preservation purposes. The add-on contains 23 new levels, new multiplayer missions, new robots and new bosses for Descent II. This requires an installation of the full version of Descent II for MS-DOS (you can find a CD-ROM on eBay, or you can purchase the game from GOG for $5). For modern systems, you will need to use DOSBox to run the Vertigo setup program and install to your Descent II directory (thus you will need to set your MOUNT lines in DOSBOx config, do an IMGMOUNT, etc for those familiar with DOSBox--if you are not familiar with DOSBox, there are plenty of tutorials out there. It is not as complicated as it seems). For real Win95/98 systems, if you know MS-DOS, this should be easy. Note that this also comes with a very comprehensive level editor called "Descent Mission Builder II," which was later patched to 2.6, and that patch is included here. DMBII is a fantastic level editor, and I remember building dozens of my own custom multiplayer levels with it. It also lets you edit robot AI, robot weapons, etc (a spider 'bot with a rapid firing fusion cannon? Yep, that is possible. Want to smack that first boss in Descent 1, level 7 with a Descent II 'Earthshaker' missile? No problem). Descent II is also patched to version 1.2, with the installation of this add-on. To the best of my knowledge, at the time of this post (May 2018), the GOG version does NOT include the Vertigo Mission Series, so it is provided here for your enjoyment. Good hunting.