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Powball 2.05

Powball is based on an old game concept which has been re-created many times before. You'll find this incarnation to have much better playability, action, strategy, sound and graphics than any other. The basic idea is to hit a ball with your paddle and knock away bricks until the screen is cleared, whilst trying to keep at least one ball on the screen. But what better introduction can there be other than to dive right in and start playing. So, whadya waitin' for? Powball was originally released to the public as shareware on the 22nd of August 1996, and subsequently re-released by Spectrum Pacific Publishing and Webfoot Games on the the 3rd of June 1997. Now on the 5th of July 2000 Powball is released as Freeware; this means it is free to play and distribute at your leisure but the license agreements remain. Please do not buy this game from any publisher because the authors no longer get any royalties. If you see this game on sale please inform me.