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Website 1.1e

WebSite is an elegant, easy solution for Windows NT 3.51 (or higher) and Windows 95 users who want to start publishing on the Internet. And now WebSite 1.1 makes it easier than ever! WebSite is a 32-bit multi-threaded World Wide Web server that combines the power and flexibility of a UNIX server with the ease of use of a Windows application. Its intuitive graphical interface and easy install make it a natural for Windows NT and Windows 95 users. WebSite provides a tree-like display of all the documents and links on your server, with a simple solution for finding and fixing broken links. Using CGI, you can run a desktop application like Excel or Visual Basic from within a Web document on WebSite. Its access security lets you control which users have access to different parts of your Web server. WebSite is a product of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. It is created in cooperation with Bob Denny and Enterprise Integration Technologies, Inc. (EIT/Verifone). Requirements 386 or higher VGA video display adapter 3.5" disk drive 10MB RAM for Win95; 16MB for NT 3.51 (or higher) 1MB free disk space Windows NT 3.51 or higher or Windows 95 with TCP/IP connectivity installed