Software made by Microsoft/Columbia Data Products



Microsoft MS-DOS 1.25 [CDP OEM R2.11] with BasicA 1.25/R2.11

This is the system disk provided with Columbia Data Products 1600 desktop and VP portable computers. It contains Microsoft DOS 1.25, rebranded as "The CDP Personal Computer DOS Version 2.11". The disk also contains Microsoft Basic-86 V5.21 ("86-DOS Version 12-Feb-82"), and BASICA 1.90 ("Columbia Data Products BASICA Version 1.90 May 18, 1982"), and Microsoft MACRO Assembler 2.04. This archive contains one 320K (DSDD 8-sector) disk image in ImageDisk, Teledisk, CopyIIPC+Snatchit, and raw format. Note that this is a DOS 1.x formatted disk, therefore utilities like WinImage will not open it. Note: BasicA requires a CGA color compatible display. The CDP MPC 1600 was the first IBM PC hardware compatible clone. Although this software is intended for CDP computers, it also works on IBM PC and other hardware compatibles.