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Detroit Auto Factory 1.0

WELCOME TO DETROIT! ------------------------------------- OBJECTIVES DETROIT begins in the year 1908. The streets of the world are filled with horse-drawn carriages and wagons, and no one has even heard of gas stations -- or auto mechanics' bills. You're going to change all that. You are a bright young entrepreneur with a dream: to use the new technology of the assembly line to bring the automobile to the average man, and thereby to build a company that will last a hundred years and reach every corner of the globe. You start with a single factory, one sales office, $60,000 in capital funds, and the design for a prototype car. From that foundation, you will guide your company's expansion, while constantly working to stay ahead of your competitors by creating better and better cars for your factories to produce. You'll make marketing decisions, hire and fire your employees, build and modernize your factories, invest in research to stay on the cutting edge of automobile technology, and incorporate that technology into successful designs for new cars. Your goal is to see to it that your company survives to the year 2008, and, in the process, becomes the most successful automobile manufacturer in the world. Happy Motoring!