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Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky

Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky is certainly one of the slowest business simulators, but it's also one of the most historically accurate. You play the owner of a zeppelin company at the turn of the century; the 20th century that is. You begin your first day on January 1st, 1900 with only one zeppelin in your fleet. You must make strategic decisions in order to develop new airships to amass a fleet, setup offices in various cities, and maintain a thriving business. As time progresses in the world, all the major events of the past will surface and they will affect the price of fuel, gas, and ticket sales. As an added touch, the entire game is displayed in sepia in order to give it that "Old World" feel. If you're looking for a simple, fast-paced sim, you will not appreciate this game. However, if you want an unforgiving micromanagement replica, you may find solace in Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky.