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PCem BIOS Bundle Various

You can use this bundle of BIOSes with emulator PCem. This bundle includes: IBM PC BIOS (Third revision with BASIC C1.10) IBM XT BIOS (First revision with BASIC C1.10) IBM PCjr BIOS (with BASIC C1.20) IBM AT BIOS (Third revision with BASIC C1.10) Generic XT Clone BIOS (Turbo XT BIOS 1987 (c) Anonymous) DTX XT Clone BIOS Tandy 1000 BIOS (v.01.02.00) Amstrad PC1512 BIOS Amstrad PC1640 BIOS Amstrad PC2086 BIOS Amstrad PC3086 BIOS Amstrad Sinclair PC200 BIOS Amstrad MegaPC BIOS Scheinder Euro PC BIOS Olivetti M24 BIOS Commodore PC 30 III BIOS (rev. 2.01) AMI 286 BIOS AMI 386 BIOS AMI 486 BIOS AMI 486 WinBIOS DELL System200 BIOS Acermate 386SX BIOS (with onboard graphics OAK OTI-067 SVGA BIOS) Award SiS 496/497 BIOS Award 430VX BIOS. Videocards BIOSes: Mach64GX BIOS (ATI Graphics Pro Turbo) ATI-28800 BIOS (ATI VGA Charger) ATI-18800 BIOS (ATI VGA-Edge 16) Diamond Stealth 32 BIOS (Tseng ET4000/w32p) Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 ViRGE) Number Nine 9FX BIOS (S3 Trio64) OAK OTI-067 BIOS (standalone) Paradise Bahamas 64 BIOS (S3 Vision864) Phoenix S3 Trio64 BIOS S3 ViRGE/DX BIOS Trident TVGA8900D BIOS Tseng ET4000AX BIOS Trident TGUI9440 BIOS. This bundle also includes SoundBlaster AWE32 ROM dump (file awe32.raw). Years of BIOSes are variates from 1982 to 1996 (1997).