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TACT (Text analysis computing tools) 2.1

TACT 1.0 was first released at the first joint conference of the Association for Computing in the Humanities and the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing in Toronto in June 1989. Version 1.2b was released in 1991. Several experimental versions employing memory management have been available by anonymous ftp since then. A special version, 2.0, was done for the ADMYTE project and includes a version of Makebase suitable for medieval Spanish, HSMS tags. Version 2.1 beta, a major revision of the program and of its interface, was released in June 1993 in Ottawa and Washington. Version 2.1 gamma was released December 30, 1993, at the Modern Language Association Convention in Toronto. The final version, 2.1, was uploaded to for distribution on July, 1996.