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SQLbase Server for NetWare 5.13

SQLbase Server for NetWare v5.1.3 August 30, 1993 50 user license For Netware 3.11 Includes DOS & OS/2 installers. $1,995 for 5 users $9,995 for unlimited users Gupta SQLBase Server is the highest rated SQL database server for PC networks. SQLBase Server is a high-performance, cost-effective SQL database server. It is easy to install, configure, and administer. It has advanced features such as declarative referential integrity, support for multimedia data types, and multiple transaction isolation levels. Its high-performance, multithreaded SQL kernel handles scheduling, locking, and caching with shared buffers to optimize memory usage and minimize operating system overhead. Data versioning, clustered hashed indexes, and efficient transaction logging maximize read/write throughput. Standard automatic crash recovery, password protection, on-line backup, and remote monitoring tools ensured the security and reliability of your database. Whether you planned to implement a reliable, high-performance networking solution or were a single database user seeking the ultimate flexibility, SQLBase Server is the perfect choice. AppleSeed '96