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Windows 9x/ME / Other


icedump/nticedump (SoftICE plugin) 6.021/1.10

Generic extension for SoftICE for Win9x and NT. - nticedump supports dumping and Bhrama only. - Implemented as internal Winice/NTice commands: dump memory to file load file into memory dump via Bhrama/Procdump dump winice screen to file suspend/resume thread/process kill process set page table entry flags change FPU registers start/stop playing tracks on CD start/stop playing mp3 songs import table rebuilder full featured process dumper multithread aware tracer engine print usage info ;-) - Parser accepts expressions whereever possible. - Supports V86, ring-3/16, ring-3/32 and ring-0/32 protected mode clients whenever possible. - Fool-proof internal parser (but do RTFM ;-). - Anti Winice detection/self-defense code. - Sources are included.