Software made by David Faria AKA: SPU

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M I N E S W E E P E R Version 1.0 1.0

Minesweeper is a fast paced puzzle game. A field of squares is laid out before you. Beneath a set number of these squares lies a land mine. Your task is to mark off these mines and prevent them from detonating. You can accomplish this by uncovering select squares. If no mine lies beneath it, then a number appears. This is the number of mines (from 1 to 8) surrounding that square. If no mines lies around it, then those eight squares are automatically uncovered. If a mine lies beneath the uncovered square, then it detonates and the game is over. You must mark each square in which you believe a mine lies with a flag. The object of the game is to mark each mine on the field with a flag in the shortest time possible.