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Dark Seed - CD Version 1.5

+++THIS IS THE CD VERSION WITH SPEECH ACTING. PACKED/BUNDLED WITH DOSBOX AND READY TO PLAY ON ANY SYSTEM. VERY EASY: JUST UNPACK IT AND CLICK ON "RUN". NO FURTHER CONFIG NEEDED! ENJOY! TESTED ON WINDOWS 8 and 10!+++ Nothing gives you an unnerving sense of unease quite like a piece of art by H.R. Giger. He's one of the reasons (if not the reason) why the Alien franchise has scared generations, as well as elevating Species from a schlocky b-movie to a nightmare-inducing guilty pleasure. In 1992 Cyberdreams took his large portfolio of art, gave it a story and used it as the driving force to create their first sci-fi horror adventure game; Dark Seed.