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Cdex Training for the VisiCalc Program 1983

This is an interactive training program that will teach you how to use VisiCalc. Cdex also sold training programs for WordStar, SuperCalc, EasyWriter ||, The IBM Personal Computer, and The Apple //e Personal Computer. There were versions for both the IBM PC an Apple II. These disks are intended for use as a "booter". Insert disk 1 in to the A: drive, and boot your computer. Important: These disks are formatted for the UCSD p-System and will not open in Winimage. There are currently no known file management utilities that can handle this format. Additionally, these disks can not be read or accessed under MS-DOS. The UCSD P-System uses an odd disk format where sectors are numbered 9 through 18. In addition to the UCSD p-System format, these disks contain copy protection. The last track differs from the p-System format and contains an intentional bad sector. The UCSD P-System on these disks has an issue similar to IBM's CP/M-86. It will fail to boot if an XT-style hard disk controller is installed. If you are using the PCE emulator to run this, you must disable any hard disk emulation. Otherwise, you will see the error message: UCSD p-System IV for IBM PC [B1] Can't read SYSTEM.INTERP This software has been verified to run on the PCE emulator, and on clone computers without an IBM style hard drive.