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Windows 9x/ME / Multimedia


Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.0

CakeWalk Pro Audio v6.0 May 02, 1997 Twelve Tone Systems, Inc. CD rip, non-ISO. Includes Jammer, QSound, Techniqs, and extra Panels. With Cakewalk, you can record, edit, and playback music, using a MIDI instrument or a compatible sound card. Cakewalk also lets you record audio to your hard disk and add it to your songs. You can edit and play back digital audio data as easily as MIDI data. Yous songs can have multiple, simultaneous tracks of digital audio and MIDI data, all of which remain in tight synchronization during playback. Cakewalk Professional is a pro MIDI and digital audio sequencer with 8 tracks of digital audio along with 256 tracks of MIDI. It has built in effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Delay/Echo, and flange, as well as support for DirectX plugins, notation printing, real-time markers, Real Audio format support, and more. Just follow the directions in Legends.nfo and CB16.nfo and you will have success. SN: E85E-43C2 AppleSeed '96