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DOS Power Tools, 2nd Ed for DOS 5 2

DOS POWER TOOLS, TECHNIQUES, TRICKS AND UTILITIES, 2nd Edition for DOS 5.0, Companion Disks (3 x 360KB) - 107 Files. by: Paul Somerson - Bantam Books, © 1991 (ISBN: 0-553-35464-7). Programs such as ADDCOMM.EXE, CHIMES.COM, CURSOR.EXE, FAKEY.COM, HITAKEY.SYS, KILLDIR.EXE, MAPMEM.EXE, RAMMAP.EXE, ROMTABLE.EXE, and TURBOBAT.COM which converts BATCH files into COM files. Included are disk images of the 3 original 360KB disks, the install programs extracted from the images, and all 107 files from the installed folder ready to use.