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File Wizard 1.35 (w/source code) 1.35

A polished, dual pane, text mode file manager with pulldown menus and mouse support. Quick, efficient navigation reminiscent of NC. Some features which distinguish File Wizard: Can display/edit file descriptions (FILES.BBS or DESCRIPT.ION). Also displays titles of HTML files and mp3-TAGs. Movable, customizable, and sizable directory panels. Just pull on a pane to see more information (e.g., file descriptions). Supports VESA text modes. Customize colors for file extension groups. Reads popular archive formats as directories. Reads contents of ZIP, RAR, ARJ, and ACE archives. Easy on-screen configuration of archiver parameters. Drag and drop COPY, MOVE, and DELETE operations (between archives too). Good file finding function. Extension associations. Win9x and Win2000 LFN support. Full featured integrated CD player. Integrated text editor w/ mouse and Win clipboard support (you can even edit archived files – File Wizard will update the archive) MP3 viewer / editor. TEXT/HEX viewer. Unique built-in screen savers (with screen "hot spot"). Good built-in help. Source code available.