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This is an MS-DOS program that converts .DDI and "DOSIMG" compressed floppy disk .IMG files to standard raw sector .IMA images. These formats are found on some very old software collections. DDI Files can be identified by the first two bytes "IM". "DOSIMG" files can be identified by the hexadecimal header "4F 0F" for 1.2mb or "4F 12" for 1.44mb images. To use, just extract and run DOSIMG.EXE. Archive also includes source. This tool can perform batch conversions by specifying wildcards. From the help file: DOS IMG Copyright(C) 2001-2002 Andot workroom Ma Bingyao DosIMG v1.82 Copyright(C) 2011 Roy Tam Nov 17, 2011 Usage: DOSIMG filename[.IMG] [path] [/S] [/L] [/D] [/H|/?] -or- DOSIMG filename[.IMG] /C filename: IMG file name, you can use wildcards. path: Extract files to this path. default path is current path. /S: Search sub directory. /L: List files instead Extract files. /D: the Directory extracted files to is named by the IMG filename. /C: Convert compressed IMG and DDI to uncompressed IMG file. /H or /?: Show this Help.