seal team

Category: Games
Year: ????
Description:This is a tactical shooter, in which you can command you own team, thus │ │ similar to the Rainbow Six series. It's a realistic multi-camera │ │ simulation of American operations in the Vietnam war. This game │ │ combined roleplaying elements (as you controlled a single character │ │ giving orders to the others, whose stats could improve with time) with │ │ varied missions and sound effects that totally immersed you in the │ │ environment. The graphics are primitive by today's standards. You have │ │ the ability to choose from many different options at the start menu, │ │ such as real or unlimited ammunition, enhanced enemy skill, and even │ │ the damage potential of your own shots. For each mission you have the │ │ choice of selecting your team members (excluding the point man), as │ │ well as the equipment each man will take with him. All soldiers have │ │ specific skill ratings and these will improve while doing missions.
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN

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