pts dos 2000

Category: OS
Year: 2000
Description:PTS-DOS is the powerful and fastest DOS with network support, file manager, archiver, internal boot viruses protection and numerous utilities fully compatible with MS-DOS 6.x. It also contains web browser, e-mail client and telnet.
Manufacturer: PhysTechSoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#8635ptsds2k.zip2.2 MB0xA3327AA1

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On Tuesday February 10, 2015 Motorcycleboy said:

Demo version of PTS-DOS is fully functional, but it has 1 minute delay before loading

On Friday November 11, 2011 5hkbmxd said:

On page is "HTML Iframe-inf" worm !!

On Tuesday January 11, 2011 hatespawn said:

file missing