os 2 1.0

Category: OS
Year: 1987
Description:Zip collection of 3 installation immages of the first OS/2 (1.0) released in April of 1987.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#8985os2-1.zip2.2 MB0x90FC4E34

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On Friday August 9, 2013 blixel said:

No luck with this in VirtualBox 4.2.16. I also tried patching the boot/install disk according to the instructions on the os2museum website and still didn't have any luck with it. (Search google for Installing OS/2 1.x in a VirtualBox VM)

On Saturday September 25, 2010 Highwinder said:

Also, this was when Microsoft and IBM were jointly developing OS/2 together. It was actually sold as "Microsoft OS/2". What eventually happened is that IBM's head OS/2 guy quit IBM and went to Microsoft. Next thing you know, Microsot bails from the OS/2 project and poof - Windows NT is born. All versions of Windows NT up until NT 4.0 ran OS/2 software. Can you say "theft"? Now go look up "Microsoft", "DriveSpace" and "Stacker".

On Saturday September 25, 2010 Highwinder said:

Sorry, I meant to say "IDE" hard drives.

On Saturday September 25, 2010 Highwinder said:

If memory serves, you'll need a traditional floppy drive to install this and it might now work well on new systems. The last time I installed this, it was on a 1.2GHz system with 500MB memory and ISE hard drives. This is an 8-bit OS, so don't expect much. If you want to run an old version of OS/2 that actually has some value to it other than nostalgia (for example to use as a DOS multitasker), install OS/2 version 1.3, which actually has a relatively useful GUI.