dBase II User's Guide v2.3B

Category: DBMS
Year: 1982
Description:The dBASE II system for the NEC Advanced Personal Computer (APC) is distributed with a diskette containing the dBASE II programs and several sample applications and data bases. ThedBASEIIUser's Guide for the APC is a tutorial guide and reference manual for use with dBASE II. The first part ofthis guide is a tutorial. It explains the basic dBASE II commands and leads you through the processes ofdefining and manipUlating data bases. To run the sample application described in Appendix H of this manual, you must create the data base described in the tutorial. The appendices at the end of the manual are the reference materials. Appendix A through Appendix G summarize the concepts, commands, functions, and procedures presented in the tutorial section of the manual. Appendix H describes one sample application. Appendix I defines the function key assignments. Appendix J contains listings ofprograms created by dBASE II users like you. It will give you an idea of the kinds ofcommand files you can create using this system
Manufacturer: NEC
Localization: EN

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On Tuesday January 27, 2015 ouhker said:

The DBASE II command (in the guide) are just like using the dot command in dbase 3 (plus).
Have to be careful, some commands in DBASE II change.
from the guide, "erase" seems to be used to "clear the screen" before the @x,y say "abc" get def pic blah blah blah...
but "erase" in dbase III Plus ask you which file you want to "erase" (e.g. delete it)....

On Thursday January 22, 2015 al tracker said:

Excellent manual. However, the book is not for PC-Dos but for CPM-86 Dos. The dBase commands are much the same, but the OS commands are different.