dBXL 1.2

Category: DBMS
Year: 1988
Manufacturer: Wordtech Systems
Localization: ES

Files to download

#3978dbxl.exe654.6 KB0x7E9CEECE

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On Friday May 23, 2014 Alberto Susara said:

Hi to everyone!
I lost my copy of QuickSilver...does anyone can help me to obtain it?

On Monday July 28, 2008 George (guest) said:

It is a great Data base management system easy to work with. Can be customised easily.

On Tuesday July 22, 2008 guest (guest) said:

A dBase III clone application with added features and DOS windowing capability

On Tuesday May 20, 2008 dBaseFan (guest) said:

dBase II compatible MSDOS program with built in manual. Even in year 2008, I find it very useful to do add hoc database manipulations.
There is a patch available which will enable you to make it year 2000+ compatible.

On Sunday April 27, 2008 guest (guest) said:

I still have the complete manual, floppies...even the box...and yes, I still run the programs I wrote on a DOS operating system. I never managed to obtain Quicksilver...by the time I got that far it was unobtainable in SA. I am currently trying to rewrite my simple applications in other way...and it is a nightmare...twenty years have not seen much improvement in similar applications. Just look at the size of the program...a laughable 654K!! Which is much better than the cr@p I am struggling with at the moment.

On Thursday April 17, 2008 guest (guest) said:

A dBASE III clone - possibly better than dBASE! They also made QuickSilver - a compiler for dBXL

On Wednesday April 16, 2008 Terry Thomas (guest) said:

I still have clients running on programs I wrote in 1988 using dBXL and the compiler QuickSilver.
Yes, these clients are running DOS computers! Heck, they will never get a virus! LOL
Terry Thomas
PC Tech
Atlanta, Georgia USA

On Sunday April 6, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Found a copy of it... some quotes from the manual:
dbXL is "The NEW dBASE III Plus" compatible database management system featuring ease of use, windowing, and an extended language.
It was designed to run on PC-DOS and 100% IBM compatible MS-DOS machines with at least two (floppy) disk drives and 512K bytes of RAM, and DOS 2.0 or better.

On Thursday April 3, 2008 Tim Rudicil (guest) said:

I agree with JMW. DBXL was and is a better product than Access. (And I am very skilled with Access.) It is too bad that such excellent languages like DBXL are thrown away so that companies can sell new products, and in the process keep everyone illiterate “speaking” different languages from each other and limiting the talent that could enter a business and keep it running.

On Monday March 10, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Visual dBase wasn't really a head to head competitor with Access, Paradox was. Borland owned both Paradox and Visual dBase at one point in time, and dBase was competitive mostly against [Visual] FoxPro and Clipper/CA-Visual Objects.

On Thursday December 13, 2007 jmw (guest) said:

It was competitor to foxbase, clipper and Dbase. It was the best rapid app developer of its time. Most of the things vb 8 does with visual db explorer is native in dbxl smaller and faster. It lacked the windows front end.
It was purchased by The owners of Dbase
and integrated in to db4 compiler which visual db which was killed by access and windows even thou it was and still is a better product.

On Saturday April 14, 2007 Chris (guest) said:

It was a DBase clone - some people thought it was actualy better.