dBASE III Plus 1.1

Category: DBMS
Year: 1986
Description:ZIP file containing contents of six 360K floppy disks. Includes System Disk 1&2, Sample Programs & Utilities, On-Disk Tutorial, Application Generator and Administration disks 1&2.
Manufacturer: Ashton-Tate Corporation.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14877dBase III Plus 1.1.zip1.8 MB0x58FDDEF8

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On Sunday January 4, 2015 ouhker said:

If you want to use your own editor
to write program when in dBASE III Plus
(e.g. write test.prg
modi comm test)
,in the config.db file, add the line
(or your favorite editor)

On Thursday July 17, 2014 Hector Prax said:

Thanks for your help. I´ll tray to find some vetusstware in my library to send to you.