Category: Utility
Year: 1992
Description:CopyWrite supports all of the IBM PS/2 models except those with a speed of 33 Mhz, as well as the Tandy 1000 computers (EX, SX, HX, and TX) having a DMA chip ( the DMA chip comes with the memory expansion boards), using both 5.25" diskettes, and 3.5" diskettes. CopyWrite will support 3.5" diskettes on machines other than the PS/2 provided their drive designation is either A: or B: (this is required because CopyWrite needs direct access to the floppy drive controller card). This means CopyWrite cannot support 3.5" diskette drives that require device drivers to be loaded (i.e. driver.sys that comes with DOS 3.2 and later).
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN

Files to download

#9004[MSDos]Copywrite.(1992).rar32.6 KB0x4AAB4AF3

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