clipper ful dos versio 5.2e - 5.3a

Category: Other
Year: 1995
Description:program ful a??lm?? haldedir. direkt kopyalay?n ve autoexec.bat ve config.sys dos ortam?na aktar?n veya xp ?zerinde cmd start yerle?tirin
Manufacturer: CA-Clipper
Localization: TR

Files to download

#7042BLINKER6.rar1.2 MB0x6565AD31
#7041CLIP53.rar5.7 MB0xF0FB6662
#7040CLIPPER5.rar5.9 MB0x69778113

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On Saturday January 24, 2015 ouhker said:

Microsoft C 5.1 was used to develop Clipper 5. (not 5.3) However, Clipper 5.2 does not have math functions, e.g. sin(x), cos(x), tan(x), log(x).
To use math functions in clipper 5.2 you have to use MicroSoft C5.1 to write a wrapper function, and link with the (MSC5.1) "alternate math library" (llibca.lib)
During the installation of
MSC 5.1 you have the option of building (80x87) "emulation" library, "float point" library and "alternate math" library. choose "yes" for "alternate math". Turbo C 2.01 can compile but NEVER links.


On Saturday December 27, 2014 ouhker said:

To: Jose de Jesus Rodriguez
See if the below helps​a/computer/clipper.html


On Tuesday July 15, 2014 Daro Yugoslav Chalovenski said:

Thanks for this i used to code programs in clipper before my win-95 PC Hard Disk
got broken.

On Tuesday May 7, 2013  said:

thank you very much
I've been looking for a long time

On Sunday March 24, 2013  said:​hp/nostalgia-informatica/progr​amacion-clipper-2

On Sunday January 6, 2013 Jose de Jesus Rodriguez said:

Where can I get a hold of an old clipper book?

On Friday June 29, 2012 Raphael Munoz said:

Gracias, muchas gracias.
El glorioso Clipper me sigue dando laburo, de año en cuando, y ahora lo necesitaba urgeeeeeente para un proyecto que tiene casi 20 años corriendo. Han pasado casi 10 fierros, y el SW sigue rindiendo 24/7.