"arcers" ????

Category: Utility
Year: ????
Description:From the nineties (some older). Several programs to manage ARJ, BTOA, BOO, ZOO, LHA, LZH, ARC, PAK, xxQ, RAR, UC2, SEA, CPT, SIT, ZIP, UUE, etc. (mainly but not only for DOS).
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN

Files to download

#16870arcers.zip5.4 MB0x277A3BDD

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On Friday March 18, 2022 Kpax1585 said:

According to the info I pulled from the arc602.exe file in the program using hxd, the Archive self-extractor ("arcers") was created by Wayne Chin and Vernon D. Buerg for System Enhancement Associates. The file version was v1.10