apbasic 1.0

Category: System
Year: 1990
Description:basic compiler like quick basic compiler
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN

Files to download

#9198apbasic.zip113.7 KB0x7B30B8A8

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On Friday March 5, 2021 Joe Lyman said:

Shareware version of ApBasic v1.3 by CompTech Software and Consulting, Inc. Publish date 10-01-90. It will allow you to compile an EXE, but it does put a signature in the EXE that states that it was compiled with a shareware program.

On Wednesday February 29, 2012 Bull Dozer said:

Version number is 1.3.

On Tuesday February 14, 2012 Bull Dozer said:

Manufacturer is CompTech Software and Consulting Inc.