Zortech C++ 3.0r4

Category: Utility
Year: 1991
Description:C and C++ compiler for DOS and OS/2 1.x (16-bit). Includes the Engineering and Science Edition.
Manufacturer: Zortech
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6957ZortechCplusplus30r4.part1.rar1.8 MB0xF42B57AE
#6958ZortechCplusplus30r4.part2.rar1.8 MB0xDD5E15E7
#6959ZortechCplusplus30r4.part3.rar1.8 MB0xFEC222CE
#6960ZortechCplusplus30r4.part4.rar1.8 MB0x6EC94F3C
#6961ZortechCplusplus30r4.part5.rar1.8 MB0x2A45E832
#6962ZortechCplusplus30r4.part6.rar1.8 MB0x4133D221
#6963ZortechCplusplus30r4.part7.rar1.7 MB0x8A53B416

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On Monday September 14, 2020 Juno said:

README.Z is _not_ corrupt. It simply isn't a standard zip file - it does the same thing, but it's a custom format. It can be decompressed using the "INSTALL.COM" contained within the archive, and and contains other documentation for the package.


On Monday December 14, 2009 Buzz Znub said:

This is Zortech C++ v3.0r4 from 1991. The README.Z file appears to be corrupt.