Zenith ISA Configuration Utility 2.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1993
Description:Zenith Z-400+ Series utility to set up Hard Drive parameters, floppy drive type and many settings that would be in a normal on-board BIOS. This utility is the only way you can set up a Z-400, especially if it has a dead CMOS battery. Replace the battery. Use WinRAR to unpack the .EXE file. Copy the file into a folder or directory and type 3344-1u.exe. The file will unpack itself in the directory. Copy the files to a floppy disk. Make the disk bootable or use a regular DOS boot disk first. Then, insert the Zenith Utility disk. From the files list, run CF.EXE. The Hard drive parameters should be automatically set by the program. Select your settings for your machine. The program will save the new config to the floppy and to nvram on the computer. Restart. It should boot with the drive now. Enjoy! Note: Confirmed to work on a ZU-425S 486 Desktop
Manufacturer: Zenith Data Systems
Localization: EN

Files to download

#160663344-1u.rar380.6 KB0xD1558CE

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On Saturday April 28, 2018 bandycoad said:

Works fine for my 425Sh.

On Wednesday May 10, 2017 Peter Maier said:

Doe not work on ZDS 425Sh. Messes up the NVRAM and does not boot anymore.

On Wednesday December 7, 2016 folg said:

Thanks, my 486sx25 can boot !!!
The battery was empty and my ISA floppy dead.
The floppy label must be SYSTEMCFG to work properly on my computer.
Big big thanks