Ys II Special

Category: Games
Year: 1994
Description:Licensed Ys II "remake", loosely based on the Ys II anime "Castle in the Heavens." Aside from the original Ys II songs, composed by Yuzo Koshiro - this game includes several exclusive tracks composed by SoundTEmP. Development of Ys II Special started in 1992, and the original plan was to include a full voice over, but due to lack of resources and storage - the idea was canned. I've been investigating this game and I have yet to find a release date. All I know was that it was released in 1994. If I do find out the release date, I will make sure I update this archive. This game was also included on the cd-rom for a Korean PC gaming magazine in 1999.
Manufacturer: MANTRA
Localization: KO

Files to download

#14332DOS_-_Ys_II_Special.rar5.8 MB0xC233235A

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On Thursday August 20, 2020 Joe Lyman said:

This works (DosBox), but the dialog is in Korean. Other elements are English (such as the menus and inventory.) The controls aren't even close to what you might call standard: ALT is your main action button, CTRL is a secondary, TAB gets you a menu, and the F keys bring up specific options. F10 quits. An interesting retro-archaeologist find for those who love the Ys RPGs.