Xenix 086

Category: OS
Year: 1986
Description:The initial port of Xenix to the Intel 8086/8088 architecture was performed for Microsoft by The Santa Cruz Operation. Note: this Xenix version can't run with a VGA card! You can use a Hercules monocrome card or a CGA/EGA card. Disk N1 must be not write protected.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6232Xenix 086.zip1.8 MB0x651B06ED

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On Wednesday July 25, 2018 levelriginau said:

More specifically, this is SCO Xenix 2.1.3 for the 86XT architecture.

On Thursday May 30, 2013 Svenska said:

These are the disk images for Xenix-86, works fine on PCE emulator. Contains disks B1-B3, N1-N6, X1-X6 and GAMES.

On Wednesday May 22, 2013 innocentkiller_msl@hotmail.com said:

This thing isnt fake. Files N1,D1 etc they all are disk images

On Sunday January 9, 2011 compaquser said:

Oh and I get this to "
Bad News
Some unexpected error occured - your file cannot be prepared for downloading. The website administration has already been notified about the problem.
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