Wordstar 5.0 Professional 5.0

Category: Office
Year: 1988
Description:Full 13 360K Disk Floppy Version. Place all contents in \WS5 Directory. WS to Run. Select Printer > PRCHANGE
Manufacturer: Micropro InternationalInternational Corp.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21263ws5.zip1.8 MB0x3BEF69AAFake?

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On Friday December 22, 2023 jotseq said:

Confirmed working, brings back old memories. Place everything in WS5 folder, ran WS with vDos.

On Thursday August 26, 2021 jk61 said:

I started it up okay. First impressions seems that it works.

On Wednesday March 4, 2020 Don B said:

Just place all the contents of the zip file in a directory called WS5 (or WS). You don't need to recreate the 13 original floppies!! It works fine...

On Friday August 9, 2019 levelriginau said:

This is useless. No indication what goes on what disk. Date stamps are damaged.
Please upload disk images.