WordPerfect Suite 6.2

Category: Office
Year: 1997
Manufacturer: Corel Corporation
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3797[DOS_Application]_Corel_-_WordPerfect_Suite_6.2_for_DOS_-_Installation_CD.zip51.9 MB0xE0C3BE76Fake?

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On Saturday June 3, 2017 cesarmarcano said:

Install WP with FreeDOS with Virtual Machines (VirtualBOX or VMWare) or use directly by DOSbox v0.74

On Sunday October 26, 2014 DOSGeek57 said:

Thank you, this is better than any integrated DOS apps that I have.
For serial number I used my WP51# and changed it to WP62. I think it would take just about any number.

On Sunday July 25, 2010  said:

Version 6.2 for DOS is reported on WP Universe, but it seems it was never released.

On Monday September 28, 2009 Vincent Comeau said:

dosen't come with a serial number?

On Saturday June 7, 2008 Anonymous (guest) said:

Hey, no WordPerfect 6.2 for Windows !

On Wednesday November 14, 2007 i80386 (guest) said:

Requires a 386 PC.

On Sunday July 8, 2007 David (guest) said:

Are you sure this is DOS? - I thought the last DOS WordPerfect was 6.1 - and then there was a 6.1 for Windows, and I don't recall any more DOS WPs

On Tuesday May 8, 2007 JFM Star (guest) said:

This is the best and complete office suite in DOS platform I ever known.