WordPerfect 5.1+ (UK) 5.1 Plus (UK)

Category: Office
Year: 1994
Description:Wordperfect 5.1+ UK edition (UK Spelling for Colour etc) Disk Images and Hdd install folder. Plus PDF Book Macro's -
Manufacturer: WordPerfect Corp
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14690wp51PlusUK.zip11.3 MB0xD21816A2

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On Tuesday January 27, 2015 Andrew Hodson said:

Features introduced in WPDOS 5.1+ (not in earlier versions of 5.1):
Imports WPDOS 6.x files and saves 5.1 files in 6.x format.
Retrieves graphics in formats used by WPDOS 6.x, Presentations 2.x, and later versions.
Faxes directly from within WPDOS (but see this page if you want to use this feature under Windows).
The List Files screen can be sorted by date, size, or extension as well as by filename.
WPINFO integrated into WPDOS for information on available memory and other features.
WP Office for LANs 4.0 users can mail the current document as a message.
Startup option /? displays all startup options.
Ships with ScreenExtender and Bitstream FaceLift Special Edition.
Slightly improved stability and memory management.

On Monday January 26, 2015 Andrew Hodson said:

This = the US 1, & not the for UK.
2 folders; 1 zipped, guess both =.
Inc. book & 2 folders; books?