Windows Nashville 96 Beta (Nashville)

Category: OS
Year: 1996
Description:This is the beta version of Windows 95B (osr2)
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#7002Nashville.part1.rar5 MB0x97576F26Fake?
#7003Nashville.part2.rar5 MB0x2C6FAC5AFake?
#7004Nashville.part3.rar5 MB0x3AC0380E
#7005Nashville.part4.rar5 MB0x5344F3B5
#7006Nashville.part5.rar5 MB0x1515875D
#7007Nashville.part6.rar5 MB0x993262F7
#7008Nashville.part7.rar5 MB0x99585A3
#7009Nashville.part8.rar1.6 MB0x6CCF79D2

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On Friday May 30, 2014 johnqwert12345 said:

i use the iso i got from OSCollet iso's

On Thursday July 26, 2012 bootes said:

Its windows 95, why upload software that's not as stated.

On Sunday June 13, 2010  said:

Thanks! I'll try it. By the way, it doesn?t works on MS Virtual PC, because beta OS are not allowed in that software. Try it on VirtualBox.

On Sunday January 10, 2010 Carl Baquiran said:

Hey, after i have compact it, and made it as an iso, i put it in my VirtualPC, setup was ok, until..
ERROR SU-0013: Setup could not create a files on your startup drive and cannot setup windows...ANY SOLUTIONS???