Windows NT Server 3.5

Category: OS
Year: 1994
Description:Windows NT 3.5. Tip - use VirtualBox, advice to create new VM with 2 disks (C no larger than 2Gb!), quit WINNT setup on boot from CD, run A:fdisk and A:format to setup C: and D:, reboot, quit winnt again, lock c:, a:xcopy32 x:\i386 to d:\i386, run winnt /x /b from there. Good luck.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#7346NT_35S.part01.rar2.9 MB0xA4F2855EFake?
#7347NT_35S.part02.rar2.9 MB0xC7B53E01Fake?
#7348NT_35S.part03.rar2.9 MB0x3D6DE77Fake?
#7349NT_35S.part04.rar2.9 MB0x172FE5AAFake?
#7350NT_35S.part05.rar2.9 MB0xD91685B0Fake?
#7351NT_35S.part06.rar2.9 MB0xF58289B3Fake?
#7352NT_35S.part07.rar2.9 MB0xE3DEA666Fake?
#7353NT_35S.part08.rar2.9 MB0xDDBE3B27Fake?
#7354NT_35S.part09.rar2.9 MB0xD4DC7B7F
#7355NT_35S.part10.rar2.9 MB0x4B0CF1F0
#7356NT_35S.part11.rar291 KB0x9038638B

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On Saturday October 22, 2011 dino mazzo said:

Everything went fine! I opened the archive files in 7-Zip and extracted them into one single file. Many thanks!