Windows NT 3.51

Category: OS
Year: 1995
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4121[DOS Application] Microsoft - Windows NT 3.51 - Installation CD.zip29.3 MB0x58B6AD36Fake?

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On Saturday May 20, 2023 TestToy666228 said:

For wandering there are 2 iso images, there are 2 types of windows NT 3.51: workstation and advanced

On Sunday October 18, 2015 Peter Hutchison said:

What is the correct CD-ROM label as it asks to insert the Windows NT Workstation compact disc but does not recognise any of the different 3.51 isos with different labels. Its limited to 11 chars or so.
For Win NT 4.0 the disc labels are
NTWKS40A or NTSRV40A, what is it for 3.51?

On Saturday August 31, 2013  said:

Thanks it worked perfectly when I looked up a video on how to install it!

On Thursday September 23, 2010 WINXER said:

I will try it on my EeePC.
Do(e)s it work with Dos 7.10?

On Monday March 15, 2010 baron Greenback said:

When I format the HDD in VPC 2007, it
says something about a disk format error-I tried FAT16 file system and
NTFS, it just does not want to budge.
It gets to 100% on formatting, then it
sits there for ages, then tells me there's been a disk error. What's going

On Saturday May 23, 2009 Cristian Costa Mello Sil said:

Pela apar?ncia, sei que este sistema operacional est? sendo muito procurado por ser antigo. Hoje as pessoas querem voltar ao passado.

On Monday February 16, 2009 Retard Sam said:

How do you install this on a computer without a floppy drive.

On Thursday February 12, 2009 pjshouse said:

how did you guys make it work? it kept telling me it cant find winnt partition

On Monday February 9, 2009 Brian Robinson111 said:

Windows nt 3.51 is great you can make 1 boot disk from windows 95, 98, and ME. or create a boot disk on windows XP then you will need 3 working floppy disks (1.44mb)it will run on a 80386 up! im trying to put it on a 5 1/4inch floppy (1.2mb) it is fast on an AMD K6-2 450MHz!

On Saturday August 30, 2008 Cory said:

Actually it just wants the floppy so you can boot right into setup after you reboot. it's fine, you can also run "winnt /b" or "winnt32 /b" (no quotes) to have it just copy that to the hard disk. REad the setup.txt file. BUT ANYWAY... does anyone know how to set up networking in this with VMware Workstation 6?

On Sunday June 22, 2008 guest (guest) said:

It works great! Thanks!

On Thursday April 24, 2008 guest434 (guest) said:

i tried it in a cd, but it asked floppies