Windows Chicago Build 58s

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:An early Beta from Windows 95. You can't start from CD, use the bootable floppy. Format your Harddisk with this floppy. Run setup by using DOSSETUP.BAT, tested with VirtualBox 4.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#11553Chicago 58.rar11.8 MB0xE06ADB9E

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On Saturday November 5, 2022 yuyi zhao said:

i can't download this file

On Saturday July 31, 2021 Tayaga334 VNAUTTP said:

I need product keys....

On Saturday July 31, 2021 Tayaga334 VNAUTTP said:


On Monday November 23, 2020 dolun said:

i installed it but when i tried to start it
it said that it couldnt find or load krnl386.exe

On Sunday February 17, 2019 Snailovitch said:

haven't tried this, but build 58s setup cannot be started through DOS iirc.
you have to use boot disk

On Monday November 26, 2012 TN-048 said:

It's not fake, but it is corrupted. Install fails shortly after it starts.

On Saturday September 8, 2012 said:

this file is corrupted, I couldnt get the dossetup.bat file to open. Also when I used another version of windows to upgrade it to [chicago] it said that the two setup files were damaged.
(aside from dos setup it also had two setup files that could be run under windows)