Windows 98 bootable diskette

Category: OS
Year: 1999
Description:Best bootable diskette of all times and nations. Recognize and auto-mount any CD-drives. Creates virtual disk on start up and loads all auxiliary stuff here. Disk caching utility 'smartdrv.exe', which speeds up Windows NT/2000 setup process in times, included. Diskette image is in DDI format (see 'Disk Dupe Pro' item in 'Utility').
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: RU
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#3WIN98BOO.rar752.8 KB0xFCD2FA0D

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On Monday May 4, 2009 Thrashbarg said:

This is a raw image with some header rubbish. Remove the first 9216 bytes from it and it'll work. on Linux the command to do this is
dd if=WIN98BOO.ddi of=WIN98BOO.img skip=1 bs=9216

On Sunday September 7, 2008 Jon Peate said:

somebody please help I need to find the whole windows 98 disk. witch download do I press?. I really need to fix my windows 98 IBM thinkpad 760ED.