Windows 98 Upgrade

Category: OS
Year: 1998
Description:Upgrade CD for Windows 98
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#14692Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.001.zip50 MB0x19762F
#14693Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.002.zip50 MB0x4824B11
#14694Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.003.zip50 MB0xFED18E94
#14695Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.004.zip50 MB0xFB6EE830
#14696Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.005.zip50 MB0x622636EF
#14697Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.006.zip50 MB0x40F30BF1
#14698Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.007.zip50 MB0xABE8A3F9
#14699Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.008.zip50 MB0xBAACB686
#14700Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.009.zip50 MB0xC19324CD
#14701Windows 98 Upgrade.7z.010.zip46.2 MB0xD5A53F1C

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On Thursday October 30, 2014 timotheus1 said:

This is the upgrade CD to upgrade from Windows 95 (Maybe Windows 3x) to Windows 98 (first edition). It's in pieces of a 7zip file each piece in a zip file. Use 7zip to extract all the zip files to one folder and then use 7zip to extract all the 7zip files. I couldn't find a better way to upload each piece.
The license key: