Windows 98 Second Edition Full - Minimized Setup

Category: OS
Year: 1999
Description:This is a bootable Windows 98 SE installation ISO that omits the CD extras for easier downloading. This is a full installation CD - it can be installed on a blank drive or as an upgrade. This version does not ask for a serial. On a real computer with a sufficiently sized hard drive, setup may be quicker if you copy the win98 folder to the hard drive and run setup from there. Also includes a 1.44mb boot disk image for computers that do not boot from the CD.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#17387Windows 98 Second Edition Full - Minimized Setup ISO.part1.rar67.7 MB0x9D66B9BE
#17388Windows 98 Second Edition Full - Minimized Setup ISO.part2.rar66.6 MB0x5A3CB678Fake?

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On Monday July 10, 2023 solitonmedic said:

Works like a charm for both PCem and 86Box, especially if you're installing this on a Steam Deck.
Because you can.

On Thursday May 18, 2023 zaisty said:

Works without problem in DOSBox-X (no errors at all). Read official DOSBox-X wiki. On instalation process use default settings.

On Monday October 9, 2017 Lee Adama said:

Did not work for me. lots of error messages during the last part of setup and missing components from windows.