Windows 95 (pre-licensed)

Category: OS
Year: 1995
Description:14 .IMA Floppy Images usable by Microsoft Virtual PC 2005-2007 and any VMWare version.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#5768WIN95_DISK13.rar963.5 KB0xEEEC28DE
#5766WIN95_DISK5_TO_DISK8.rar6.6 MB0xC4A28E85
#5767WIN95_DISK9_TO_DISK12.rar6.6 MB0x140BEBD3
#5765WIN95_INST_TO_DISK4.rar7.4 MB0xF350B355

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On Friday August 30, 2013 rynic said:

woops, 'fraction of power' is a little ambiguous in my last post, this is of course referring to the amount of cpu it can use. under processor tab in vbox system settings.

On Friday August 30, 2013 rynic said:

installs lightning fast in virtualbox on a modern machine haha. fast enough that it took longer for me to release control of mouse (hitting right ctrl), moving mouse to menu to swap disks. wish it was that fast back when i was installing this on 486s!
one note that might help others, at least to install some sort of fix that seems to be floating around the net, if you get windows protection error after install (during setting up windows95 for the first time stage), set virtualbox to only use a fraction of power (i set it to 10%). this made the vm slow enough windows booted fine. hilarious, win95 just can't handle fast machines, timers in code must have been reliant on slow machines :). cheers to the uploader!

On Tuesday February 19, 2013  said:

The karma system on this site is crazy. You get 10 points for uploads and a few other things, but it will randomly remove karma and doesn't say why. Presumably having an upload marked fake or a comment marked as spam might do it, but so far it seems like there are other things going on. Perhaps there is an upload/download ratio they don't tell anyone about? Perhaps there is something bugged in confirming files as not fake? Right now it seem like it is just randomly reducing my karma just to be a dick.
Of course, once it goes to zero or less you can't download.

On Thursday April 28, 2011 aghani2010 said:

I'm AGLion, uploader of this particular software, posting on this new account because the site's gone to hell. My karma is -270 and the uploader is busted; I'm guessing fake tags affect the karma.
I apologize to those of you could not get it installed. Abandonware like this tends not to sit well with newer hardware. It even took me some hacking to get this particular download to work with my ESXi installation. You should try your best to downgrade your virtual machines and try to use emulate legacy hardware to get the best possible results.
For those of you who did manage to get it worked, I'm glad that this upload 2 years ago is still working for some of you :). I have lots more abandonware stocked up in my terabyte hard drive that I wish I could share with you all, but unfortunately this site isn't cooperating.

On Monday September 27, 2010 Compmode said:

All disks work great.
You must use Windows Virtual PC 2004 if you want to install Virtual Machine Additions (enables file sharing with host computer and other features). VM Additions from Windows VPC 2007 will not work.
I had to make sure that I didn't have any partitions through fdisk as the install disk should set this up.

On Thursday August 12, 2010  said:

Within VirtualBox the installation seems to stop at the Disk #1 image at the "Please wait while setup initializes." screen after partitioning and formatting the virtual harddisk; the contents however look good so I'm off to try with BOCHS/QEMU now... :) Thanks for the upload!

On Wednesday July 14, 2010 Wakkawakka said:

Very Nice. Worked well on VPC when my old 95 CD-ROM failed on me. (By the way to fix the dreaded 'Windows Protection error' simply disable the main ide HD in the BIOS.)

On Monday January 4, 2010 Wakkawakka said:

I have a few things to comment on. First off, this is Great so thanks for uploading it. my ver of 95 wasnt working so I got this and it actually booted on vpc 2004. Also with the setup program saying error formating HDD. You need to go into FDISK and create a primary DOS partion. Windows 95 is too dumb to do it itself. I hope this helps anyone reading.

On Wednesday October 28, 2009 smiba said:

yes disk 2 is broken!
but it works
I'm ferry happy
(I install it to my real computer)
this a super upload!
bart (I'm form holland)

On Wednesday September 9, 2009  said:

One of the .cab files on disc 2 is broken, so the installation failed. Can someone upload a new disc 2?
I marked it as a fake, becaue it doesn't work.

On Saturday July 4, 2009 popsicleicecream said:

When I tried to use this with a virtual machine, after booting the install.ima I received the error "Setup cannot install Windows 95 on your computer. An error was detected while formatting your primary hard disk partition."

On Thursday June 4, 2009 arioli alfredo said:

I find it's the best version on floppy of windows95

On Sunday May 31, 2009 skiees said:

TYTYTYTY THANK YOU THANK YOU, this works perfectly in Virtual machine 2007 using a 2gb vhd file.
not fake works great!

On Wednesday April 8, 2009 Javier Emilio Donoso Caro said:

You have the best abandonware.

On Sunday April 5, 2009 bobandbobshow said:

Excellent download, thank you!

On Wednesday April 1, 2009 AGLion the II said:

Note: It doesn't matter what membership you have, you will be able to download all the files.
You should start with downloading the WIN95_INST_TO_DISK4, as it contains the files for starting the installation.