Windows 95 14.00.950 C

Category: OS
Year: 1995
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#4624Boot Disk.7z377.8 KB0x8821FE18Fake?
#4625disk1.7z1.2 MB0x47027417
#4634disk10.7z1.7 MB0xEE984531
#4635disk11.7z1.7 MB0x9F0B38A0
#4636disk12.7z1.7 MB0x8BC04CF9
#4637disk13.7z972 KB0x60875533
#4626disk2.7z1.6 MB0x9837D878
#4627disk3.7z1.7 MB0x303212BE
#4628disk4.7z1.7 MB0xB846AE24
#4629disk5.7z1.7 MB0x33B49192
#4630disk6.7z1.7 MB0xC7CE84CB
#4631disk7.7z1.7 MB0x1254B9F9
#4632disk8.7z1.7 MB0xB5F8E497
#4633disk9.7z1.7 MB0x10D4B696

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On Monday June 14, 2010  said:

My VM software (Parallels Workstation 2.2) recognized the first two diskette images only (the boot, and the first install) as a valid 1.44 MB diskette image. The second install and up, has more size than the standard, so, my VM software doesn't handle.

On Tuesday March 16, 2010  said:

Oem code is 01000-0123456-01000

On Wednesday August 5, 2009 Jon Gonzalez said:

The 3rd disk image won't copy to floppy disk.

On Wednesday July 1, 2009 Sam v. Kampen said:

nbeland, if you have a copy
than you could post it on
vetusware. Than we have a
copy who is real because a
lot copies are bad bad bad...

On Saturday February 14, 2009 Brian Robinson111 said:

WinZip can run 7a zip files
windows 95 only runs on an 80386 up to pentium 3. pentium 4 and higher windows 95 will not run

On Tuesday December 23, 2008 Hacker said:

This copy is not Windows 95C , it is the original version of Windows 95 (4.00.0950) dated 7 July 1995

On Friday December 5, 2008 nbeland said:

I ma not sure if this will help, but I have a copy of Windows 95 and the Serial is: 24195-OEM-0004102-82489. I don't know if it will work, but you can try if this needs a code.

On Sunday November 16, 2008 Denis Lavoie said:

use win image to make the diskettes