Windows 2.11 (286)

Category: OS
Year: 1989
Description:Windows/286 2.11. Four 1.44MB .IMA images, works in Virtual PC.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6315Windows 2.11.7z1.1 MB0xF4F43173Fake?

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On Thursday May 21, 2015 Thomas Cain said:

Addendum: This is a correction to my previous comment.
I downloaded an image copy of Windows/286 v2.11 from another website and that copy also has the 8514.ZIP file and the two Tosh24.* files. So either, the files on the two websites are from the same source, or they were on the original Win OS Disks.
I still ran into the Setup aborting due to missing COURA.FON file. My workaround was to copy that file from my copy of Windows/286 v2.10 into my install directory. After doing that, setup ran with no interruptions.
I may at some point download the other copy of Win 2.11 that is on this website and look at the file contents to see if there is any difference and add a comment of my findings after I do that.
FYI… I installed this OS on an IBM 5150 PC with an 8088 Processor. From my research, Windows/286 v2.11 is the last Windows Operating System that will work on IBM PC’s and XT’s with 8088 Processors. During the Setup/Install process, just select, “IBM AT or 100% Compatible”, as your machine type and it should install with no problem, other than the COURA.FON problem I mentioned earlier.

On Thursday May 21, 2015 Thomas Cain said:

I encountered 3 anomalies while installing this on my IBM PC. 1st I discovered a zip file called which has an identical 8514.drv file which is already on the disk. I also saw a file called TOSH24.FIF, which stood out to me because it was the only *.FIF file on these install disks. The most significant problem was when setup aborted because it could not find a file called COURA.FON. Guess I need to look for a different download for Windows/286 v2.11

On Wednesday August 22, 2012 Steven Hugh Jass said:

Recommend getting this.

On Saturday October 10, 2009 aristotle said:

Perfectly recovers the original four installation disks. Expand with a 7z zip expansion utility to obtain four IMA (disk image) files, then use an IMA utility to obtain original files. Copy to 4 floppies.