Windows 1 Alpha 1 Pre-Beta

Category: OS
Year: 1985
Description:An early version of windows 1. Contains many bugs, and unsightly features.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

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On Thursday October 1, 2009  said:

[This should be the last part. Please scroll down and read the other parts before reading this part.]
If Windows alpha doesn't start, something has problably been done wrong. Also, you may try to set DOSBOX to CGA and to the speed of 500 cycles per second.
Good luck.

On Thursday October 1, 2009  said:

4 Run the program
4.1 Open the batch file. You should see something similar to what you saw in step 1.4.
4.2 Run "CD WINDOWS", then run "CD TEST". Finally run "WIN".

On Thursday October 1, 2009  said:

3 Set up DOSBOX
3.1 Download and install DOSBOX
3.2 add the following to a batch file. Replace "C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72" with the directory path to where you installed DOSBOX, and change "CDrive.img" to the name of the file from step 1.3. Save this batch file in the same directory as you store the file from step 1.3.
C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72\dosbox.exe -conf C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72\dosbox.conf -c "IMGMOUNT 2 CDrive.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,17,4,306" -c "@echo off" -c "cls" -c "boot -l c"

On Thursday October 1, 2009  said:

2 Install Windows alpha.
2.1 Mount disk 1 of the package above as drive A, and run "COPY A:\WININST.BAT C:\*.*". Then run "C:".
2.2 Run "WININST", and follow any instructions on the screen. when asked to insert another disk, just mount the image of the new disk as drive A.
2.3 When the installation is done, it will try to load Windows Alpha. PicoXT will not be able to do this, so just close it when it tries.

On Thursday October 1, 2009  said:

1. Use PicoXT to make an hard disk image:
1.1 Get PicoXT and the file WDBIOS.ROM, place those two files in the same directory.
1.2 Get a valid dump (raw format) of PC-DOS 2.1, and the zip availble above. Unzip everything a place you know where you got it.
1.3 Make a new file, it doesn't matter how big it is or what it is named.
1.4 Load PicoXT and mount the file from step 1.3 as hard drive C, and the PC-DOS 2.1 image as drive A. Press enter a coupple of times to start the emulator (don't know if it is required). Make PC-DOS 2.1 boot.
1.5 Enter when you get to the command line, run "FDISK", and create a partion.
1.6 After you are done making a partion, run "FORMAT C: /S".

On Thursday October 1, 2009  said:

It works with PC-DOS 2.1. I suggest that you try this on a real PC, XT or AT from the 80's because getting it to work in an emulator is really a lot of work.

On Thursday July 30, 2009 Carl McRaven said:

Thanks for this, but I'm unable to get it to work as I can't find a download of DOS 2.xx or 3.0. The earliest I found was 3.3 but Windows complained that it was incompatible then hung up. Any ideas?