WinCUPL 5.30.4

Category: System
Year: 2003
Description:Rare Software to design PAL- and GAL-chips. This program will run on modern windows-versions if mfc40.dll (from Win95) is copied to the folder \windows\syswow64\ on 64-bit-windows. 32-Bit-Windows wants this file in the folder \windows\system32\ This program runs well on Linux with wine (if mfc40.dll is installed there as well). The serial-number for installation is: 60008009 The software is now freeware and downloaded from the manufacturers homepage:
Manufacturer: Microchip
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#23218Microchip WinCupl GAL-Designer (Serial 60008009, orig from Homepage).zip19.4 MB0x7D130EDEFake?
#23219WinCUPL Manual.zip268 KB0x1022D6CA

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