Win32 Help Files 1.00

Category: Other
Year: 1995
Description:Api32 Help Files Useful for Windows 95
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corp
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#15752win32h.part1.rar5 MB0x1C8BC51DFake?
#15753win32h.part2.rar5 MB0x592A55A1
#15754win32h.part3.rar5 MB0x3F9502C5
#15755win32h.part4.rar5 MB0x35B5B046
#15756win32h.part5.rar2 MB0x1A4D3D2A

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On Thursday December 1, 2016 Sunny said:

I just download all the .rar files(win32h.part1~5),but it can't be unzipped !