Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego 2.2

Category: Games
Year: 1991
Manufacturer: Broderbund
Localization: EN

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On Monday February 26, 2018 Christopher Salem said:

Sorry, I meant that v2.2 asks for an answer from the Almanac and Book of Facts. I said Atlas initially, because I was given a geographical question.
I have a list of responses that I'm working on verifying and formatting. It will be uploaded here when finished.
At this time, this is the only difference between v2.2 and v2.5 that I've come across. In v2.5, I had to promote to Inspector before I received my first female suspect case; all male until that point (probably just random chance).

On Sunday February 25, 2018 Christopher Salem said:

Version 2.2 will ask the player to refer to an atlas in order to answer a question prior to being promoted. Version 2.5 omits this requirement.

On Sunday November 16, 2008 misterep said:

this game was the first game I ever played on a computer. I believe my friend who let me play also used Prodigy to connect to the "internet". lol ~ I was only 11.

On Sunday March 9, 2008 jamesonline.ca (guest) said:

great game